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Stress soothing Remedial Massage Oakleigh and Melbourne’s nearby Suburbs will Enjoy

When muscles and tendons become impaired, knotted and tense or immobile,limited movement like:sore neck,headache,frozen shoulder, leg pain, back pain…….Remedial Massage provides a healing treatment that can be gentle or strong, deep or shallow techniques or trigger point treatment and medicated oil apply

Treatment (Remedial massage/trigger point)

– Stiff neck (20 mins) $30

– Frozen shoulder (30 mins) $45

-Back pain (30 mins) $45

– Neck + shoulder+ head (45 mins) $65

-Neck + shoulder+ back (45 mins) $65

-Neck + shoulder+ arm (45 mins) $60

– Full body (60 mins) $90


During treatment there is tenderness in areas that are being treated, it indicates which muscles and tendons are injured. The therapist uses the patient’s feedback to pinpoint the damaged tissue and to regulate pressure. The results are usually immediate; certainly within 3 sessions a big improvement will be seen with a skillful practitioner. Most patients feel a difference after 1 session. A recent injury, perhaps within weeks, will react and recover more quickly than a long-term injury, some up to 40 years. However they will all see improvement.

With many years’ experience the practitioner gains a clear understanding of treating sports and traumatic injuries. They will work with patients while they increase their activity levels back to normal once again. It is remarkable in that patients find themselves spontaneously being able to do things they thought that they couldn’t.

Remedial Massage has particular success with patients who have long term back pain and injuries that have been to previous and more traditional treatments. Once a serious injury is properly healed, further treatment is only needed if another injury is sustained. This type of treatment is very popular for elderly customers and also extremely active athletics and sports people who have injured themselves engaging in a physical activity. Recurrent injuries are injuries that have never been effectively treated and can be very stubborn, and this type of therapy works well with people suffering these type of aliments.

Successfully has been noted when treated some of the following:

Repetitive Strain Injury; Hamstring Injuries; Plantar Fasciitis; Scar tissue; Adhesions; Whiplash; Achilles Injuries; Tendinitis; Shin Splints; Groin Strain; Cartilage damage; Tennis Elbow; Frozen Shoulder; Carpal Tunnel Syndrome;. It is an interesting type of massage in that is not purely focused on relaxing a customer/patient rather the intention is more to heal a physical problem. It is noted for holistically improving health such as: better sleep, increase in vitality and performance levels, as well as increased motion. General muscle soreness from over exertion also responds well to this form of massage.