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On a weekly or fortnightly basis we at Body Revival will share our latest promotions and services on offer for our customers. It is an opportunity for us to engage with you and share what we do in terms of services and treatments provided and how they benefit both your body and mind. Massage Therapy is just as much mentally beneficial as it is physically nourishing and in our News Area we can share customer experiences and give you a more detailed understanding of how these treatments benefit and aid our customers.

It’s not all about us, we also share industry trends and convey broader information relating to massage from other leading expert practitioners in Australia and abroad. People practice massage all over the world and we constantly learn, discuss and share information with our colleagues overseas to ensure we are up to date with industry best practice. We examine topics that relate to massage therapy globally and here at home in Melbourne and even more specifically Oakleigh and surrounding areas. We also share our News updates on social media on our Facebook Page and invite you to view and like our page. Feel free to interact with us on Facebook, we are here to help.

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